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Locksmith Near Me


For over 15 years, DK Locksmiths have been the leading locksmith company in West London. Based in Greenford, Middlesex we offer various services in the local area. We are best known for our locksmith services which include: emergency locksmith / 24-hour locksmith services for both residential and commercial properties as well as planned lock refitting and security upgrades. However, we also provide burglary repair services which include door repair and / or replacement services, window repairs and boarding-up services.


Most the call-outs we receive are for emergency locksmith services, following a break-in or damage to locks, sometimes people locking themselves out of properties, or even losing their keys and needing to get inside their home or business. In these instances, we offer a ‘20-minute guarantee service’ 24 hours a day. That means, if we can – we will reach you within 20 minutes if you live in the boroughs of West London, namely Hillingdon, Hounslow, Ealing, Harrow, Brent, Hammersmith, Kensington or Richmond. If we can reach you within 20 minutes, we will confirm this on the phone to you before you accept the callout and fee we quote.  We do not have any hidden fees either, the price we quote on the callout, is the price you pay, the only exception to this is if the work required changes in scope to what has been described.


We have and continue to provide an honest, straight-forward London locksmith service in the local area, and this is evident in the CRB Checked we have on leading review websites such as Check-a-trade and rated people. Please do take a look at these for yourself.


Although you can rely on our lock and key services following a burglary, prevention is much better than the cure. However, securing a property is one of those things people think about, but never get around to on their to-do lists! Burglary rates in London continue to increase year on year. Due to the recent budget cuts imposed on the Metropolitan Police as well as other Police forces across the UK, a record number crimes across the UK are being ‘screened-out’ at the early stage of investigations due to the lack of evidence. A recent article published in the Times under the Freedom of Information Act shows screening out increased from 361,180 in 2010 to 597,318 in 2016. Almost double the number. Of these, over half of them are burglary related, 256,366 were burglary related in 2014, from a total of 431,869 screened out in the same year. If this trend continues, the chance of a victim of burglary being able to recover their treasured possessions that insurance cannot replace becomes slimmer and slimmer by the year.


Even where people have home or contents insurance in-place. Many people do not realise that insurance companies will not pay out if their external locks are not up to the British Standard. If you have a wooden external door, the minimum requirement for insurance companies is to have a 5-lever lock. Anything less than this, and it is very unlikely that your insurance company will pay out, even though they were happy enough to take your annual payment. Appalling as that is – it is a fact. DK Locksmiths only use the best quality 5 lever locks, which are manufactured by Chubb. ERA, Assec and Yale also make excellent 5 lever locks.

People that have a uPVC door, which has the 7-lever locking function, think that this is much safer than a wooden door. However, few people realise how easily these doors can also be broken into by a burglar with the know-how and a basic power drill. To secure your uPVC door, you need a Euro Cylinder Lock, this makes it significantly harder for any try-hard burglar to gain access to your property. The best Euro Cylinder Lock on the market is manufactured by Yale. Their 6-pin cylinder lock is anti-snap, anti-pick and anti-drill. Any burglar will spend hours trying to get in, to no avail if your uPVC door is secured with this. Again, DK Locksmiths can install these for you or find bespoke solutions for your property once we assess your properties security, and we order these in from across Europe and the world.


External doors aren’t the only access points for burglars, windows are a prime target, and we recommend fitting sash jammers to all double-glazing windows in your properties. For internal doors, we also recommend fitting 3 lever sash locks for additional security. Even if a burglar gains access to your property, adding additional deterrents can make a big difference. Burglars are in a race against the clock once they gain access to your property, and anything that causes them to lose time is a significant barrier for them, most will give up after encountering two 3-lever sash lock internal door deterrents.


For more information about our services and how we can help secure your property. Please call us today.


CRB Checked and Trusted by the Metropolitan Police


We are CRB Checked and our services are used regularly across London by the Metropolitan Police.


We never compromise on providing a quality locksmith service, boarding-up service or burglary repair service. Our locksmiths are highly qualified and only use the finest security products for all of our clients. Giving you peace of mind you will receive a trustworthy and honest service from our locksmiths. Your safety is important to us, and together with the Metropolitan Police, we will work together for a safer London.

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Proud Members of the AAL


As a member of the AAL, you can be confident we have been properly vetted to ensure your burglary repair services are carried out by qualified and trustworthy individuals. Every AAL member goes through a number of different checks including: Criminal Record checks, posess up to date Public Liability Insurance, can provide references and agree to the rules and regulations set out by the AAL.

All London Services


We provide a comprehensive range of services near you in London. From an emergency 24 hour locksmith, to professional boarding up and door repair. Please see below for full details.




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  • London commercial locksmiths
  • London Residential locksmith
  • Emergency 24 hour locksmith
  • Key & lock services 24 hour a day
  • 24 hour London Locksmiths
  • Full insurance surveys
  • Thorough security and lock surveys
  • Emergency London lock fitting services


London Burglary

Repairs / 24 hours


  • Floor springs & Transom closers
  • Door, frame & lock repair
  • Exit devices & Fire doors
  • emergency burglary repairs
  • Emergency panic bar install
  • Wooden external & internal & doors
  • Replace or repair sash windows
  • Replace of repair uPVC windows


London Emergency

Key Services


  • Precision key-cutting service
  • Key copying and duplication
  • Broken key extraction on site
  • Emergency key cutting services
  • London key-cutting
  • Broken key extraction 24 hour
  • Emergency boarding up services
  • Do you need new keys?


London Door Repair

and Replace Services


  • London Burglary repairs
  • Urgent replacement locks & doors
  • Patio door & Bi-fold door repairs
  • Emergency boarding up services
  • Doors hinges, locks & closers
  • 24 hour emergency door opening
  • Steel & aluminium door repairs
  • Wooden door specialist repairs


London Emergency

Lock Services


  • Lock repairs for 5-lever and 7-lever locks
  • Emergency 24 hour Emergency Emergency board up + lock service
  • Lock entry & lock picking if required
  • London lock rekeying service for doors
  • London 24-hour  lock services
  • London locksmith 24 hour
  • UPVC locks, cylinders & double glazing
  • Door & window lock services


London Boarding Up



  • Burglary repairs & Boarding up
  • Burglary repair service 24 hour
  • Commercial boarding up in London
  • London Burglary repairs
  • Emergency securing services
  • 24 hour emergency burglary repair
  • 24 hour Boarding up service
  • Residential boarding up in London


London Commercial

Locksmith Services


  • Emergency window repair
  • Key copying / duplication
  • Emergency Emergency board up + lock service
  • 24 hour emergency Emergency Emergency board up + lock service
  • 24 hour door repair and replace
  • Door, lock and frame repair
  • Burglary repairs
  • Fire doors and exit devices


London Window

Services / 24 hours


  • London window replacements
  • Emergency replacement windows
  • Window replacements – same day
  • Sash windows & double glazed units
  • London window repairs
  • Window locks & double glazed door
  • Glass repairs & replacements
  • Upvc window specialists

Our reviews


We go above and beyond for our customers, and our reviews speak for themselves. Our excellent response times, quality of service and honest, upfront pricing make us the leading London Locksmith.

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Locksmith Near Me


We provide our London locksmith and key services, burglary repairs, and window and door repair and replacement services to the following boroughs of London.

Hillingdon Locksmith

Brent Locksmith

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Ealing Locksmith

Hounslow Locksmith

Hammersmith Locksmith

Kensington Locksmith

Richmond Locksmith

Berkshire Locksmith


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locksmith near me
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locksmith near me
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