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What is the best lock for my door?

August 29, 2022

There are many different lock brands and types out there, as a professional locksmith for over 20 years I thought I would break down the most effective and secure locks for your front door.

Security is the key here, but also value, no one wants to spend hundreds of pounds on a new lock, when a just as secure cheaper alternative is available.

It all comes down to door types.

Locks for a wood front door

With a wooden doors you have a great choice of locks available. our preferred method of securing a front door is with 2 locks, a "nightlatch" and a dead bolt. This is a common lock setup that has been standard for many years on a solid wood door.

Banham locks

Banham nightlatch lockThe top of the pile is the British Made Banham - this brand is a premium in terms of security, but also in cost. They have a fantastic appearance and are loved by many - although you'll find these mostly in affluent areas. Banham do a wide range of locks, but we would suggest going with their L2000 nightlatch and M2002 deadbolt. These are available in many finishes including Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Satin Brass, Polished Brass and a new Dark Bronze. They are a thing of beauty, but with beauty comes cost, they are around 280 pounds each! (inc vat). And there is no saving for buying in bulk.
- Product rating 9/10 DK Lock-stars

Era Locks

Era nightlatch lockNow our preferred lock in terms a great balance between security and cost is the BS insurance proof Era nightlatch, paired with a n Era 5 lever BS insurance proof deadlock. The latch itself is particularly attractive and available in a number of finishes including brass as well as chrome and nickel. We often recommend Era locks to our clients.
- Product rating 10/10 DK Lock-stars

Locks for composite, aluminium and uPVC front doors

With composite, aluminium and UPVc doors you don't get much choice with the security, the locking mechanism is built into the door itself. What you do get however is the ability to switch out and replace the cylinder lock, known as a euro cylinder or Euro Profile Cylinder. Euro cylinders are very common and are made by most big lock companies, but we'll chose these two to compare on this page. They can have keyholes both sides, or be fitted with a thumbturn. But first a quick bit about the terminology.

Anti-Bump cylinders

This type of euro cylinder lock security stops would-be intruders from compromising the lock by knocking it. These locks work by having more pins and specially made keys, having shallow pin stacks or other features to prevent them 'jumping' up inside the lock.

Anti-Snap cylinders

Simply put, an anti-snap euro cylinder lock is a high security cylinder lock that are designed to protect against lock snapping. Lock snapping is a method used by some burglars that involves breaking the lock in two. Anti-snap locks are also known as Snapsafe Locks.

Now for our preferred Euro Profile Cylinder locks:

Yale Platinum 3 star euro cylinders

Yale platinum euro cylinder 3 starYale is a very common brand that most of you will be aware of, we love their euro cylinder locks, which are both anti-bump and anti-snap. Our only issue with these is the shape of the key. Having quite a square profile they are sometimes a bit awkward to insert. However they are reversible, so there is no need to see which way up the key goes.
- Product rating 8/10 DK Lock-stars

Avocet ABS Ultimate Series - 3 star diamond grade lock

ABS AvocetABS Avocet cylinders are ultra high security, anti drill locks with a ton of fantastic features. Out of the box they are one of the most secure locks you can install. ABS locks can be keyed alike so you could even match the keys to your front door, rear door, garage and even padlocks! The keys are rounded and very easy to insert and remove, and you can even get the keys made in different colours! These win for us. As with all "specialist key" locks, it can be tricky to get new keys cut, but ABS keys are supplied with a code card, and new keys are easily ordered online.
- Product rating 10/10 DK Lock-stars

In conclusion - what is the best lock?

Your best lock will depend on a few factors, but mostly security vs cost. Why not call us and we will happily visit and discuss lock options for your door type, and do a full security audit whist we are there.

Stay safe - and lock tight.

Danny Kilgannon.
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