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Why choose a local locksmith with good reviews?

November 17, 2022

There are many local locksmiths in West London, but what we feel makes us different is our 100% committed service to our customers. You can see this in our hundreds of positive reviews!

But what does having lots of good reviews mean? how do you know they are genuine? and what should you look out for in a local London locksmith?

What does a 5 star review mean for a London Locksmith?

The locksmith was able to deliver everything they promised, and in some cases, went above and beyond.

DK Locksmiths Checkatrade Reviews

Local locksmith checkatrade reviews

On Checkatrade locksmith services reviews are broken down into the following areas (see our Checkatrade reviews here):


How good was the quality of work, did the locksmith install quality locks? did they repair your door/window to good standard? Did they supply you with enough keys? If there was any key cutting, were the keys cut to a good standard without sharp edges? Do your doors and windows still work smoothly? If lock cylinders were installed, are the locks flush to the edges of the door?
(We score 9.97 out of 10 in our 557 reviews!)


Did the locksmith service clean up any mess after the installation or repairs? Did they clean all traces of dirt, sawdust, plastic (uPVC) and metal filings? If they installed a lock replacement, did they take the old lock away?
(We score 9.97 out of 10 in our 557 reviews!)


Did they turn up on time? did they do as they promised? were there any surprises? If it was an emergency were they there in good time?
(We score 9.97 out of 10 in our 557 reviews!)


Was the locksmith polite and courteous at all times? did you feel looked after? Sometimes this is also about doing the job with a smile and a positive attitude.
(We score 9.97 out of 10 in our 557 reviews!)

Quote Accuracy

Was the final price equal to what was quoted in the first place? were there any additions to the quote? Was it a fair price? Did they disclose all rates?
(We got a solid 10/10!)

DK Locksmiths Google reviews

On Google the reviews are more simplistic - but we still get an average of 5/5 stars across our 82 reviews (at time of writing). See our Google reviews here.

Local locksmith google business reviews

DK Locksmiths Trust Pilot reviews

TrustPilot locksmith reviews are generally very reliable. You can see how many times each reviewer has submitted a review, which is a good way to spot if they are genuine. We also recommend you read the bad reviews to see where the company left a mess, or did not repair a door, or install locks correctly. We score very highly on here, with an average of 4.8/5 stars!

Local locksmith trustpilot reviews

Why are locksmith reviews important?

As you can see above, finding a West London Locksmith is easy on Google and Checkatrade, choosing the right one will mean making a choice. We feel the best way to make this choice is to spend some time reading reviews. The local locksmith will be attending your house after all, so you need to be sure they can do the job to a high-standard. Clear up afterwards, be polite and genuine and honest, and generally leave you with a positive feeling.

On the other side, for your safety and security, you will want to make sure they are vetted and approved. This means CRB/DBS checked (Criminal Records Bureau/Disclosure and Baring Service) and having the appropriate qualifications to undertake the service. Especially if you are calling in an emergency after a burglary or vandalism/damage.

During a lockout, or emergency door repair, as the customer, you may not have the time to fully research the emergency locksmith reviews. In which case it's worth just verifying them on Checkatrade before calling, you will see bad reviews stick out like a sore thumb here. We've all been caught out by bad traders at one point or another, but the internet makes things easier to verify - just be careful and look out for fraudulent locksmith service reviews! Home security means choosing the right professionals, for door locks and lock changes, especially in London. Lastly - look out for the Verified Company badge on those sites.

How can you tell if the local locksmiths review is genuine?

This is a good question, you will find many London locksmiths use "Review Services" - where you pay for positive reviews - these are sometimes easy to spot, and usually have repeating phrases and bad grammar. The best place to look for reviews is on sites that confirm that the work was done and that the reviewer is real. Checkatrade and TrustPilot are good sites for this.

Danny Kilgannon London Locksmith Danny Kilgannon Locksmith Signature
metropolitan police endorsed locksmith

CRB Checked and used by The Police

We are CRB Checked and used by The Metropolitan Police across London and surrounding counties. We guarantee a trusted and specialist service and never compromise on quality or service. Our team are highly qualified and only use the finest security products and premium brands to repair your residential or commercial property.


4 Reason to choose us for burglary repairs

DK Locksmiths gives you full peace of mind your repair service is the best in London.

  • ✓ 24/7 Burglary Repair service
  • ✓ Excellent Customer Reviews
  • ✓ 20 Minute Response Time
  • ✓ NO Call-Out Charge
Emergency 24 hour burglary repair

Here to take your call 24/7

If you need emergency locksmith services our team are on hand 24/7 to take your call. We operate 365 days a year just like the burglars that cause so much distress. Call our team now. We are waiting to help you get back to normal.

20 minute response time

As soon as we've taken your details, we will send a member of our repair team out to you immediately. If you are located in West London, South Buckinghamshire, South Hertfordshire, or Berkshire we can promise a 20 response time.

Hundreds of postive security and locksmith reviews

Hundred's of excellent reviews can't be wrong!

Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself...

Google reviews 5/5 59 reviews
Checkatrade reviews 10/10 534 reviews
Association of Accredited Locksmiths - AAL

Proud members of the AAL

As a member of the AAL (Association of Accredited Locksmiths), you can be confident our team have been properly vetted to ensure your burglary repair services are carried out by qualified and trustworthy individuals.

What does the AAL check?

Association of Accredited Locksmiths - AAL

Every AAL member goes through a number of different checks including: Criminal Record checks, posess up to date Public Liability Insurance, can provide references and agree to the rules and regulations set out by the AAL.